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POSHA Archive

With the most recent update, POSHA-S responses (single or first administration) have been recorded and summarized from 3478 respondents. Responses were collected from 41 different investigations involving 52 samples. This archive represents 12 countries (USA, Canada, Nicaragua, Brazil, Denmark, Bulgaria, Russia, Turkey, Kuwait, Nepal, Cameroon, and South Africa) and four continents. The data combine different rating versions of experimental versions of the POSHA-S.

The archive also includes investigations using more than one administration of the POSHA-S. Pre and post samples have been summarized from 474 respondents. These involved 8 studies with 13 samples from two countries and two languages.

Studies are currently in the planning or data collection stages in the USA, Australia, and Ireland (English); Portugal (Portuguese); Norway (Norwegian); Hong Kong and China (Simple and Traditional Chinese); and Mexico and Argentina (Spanish).