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Stuttering Attitudes Research Symposium
Held September 4-7, 2013

The first Stuttering Attitudes Research Symposium was held in Morgantown on September 4-7. The symposium was designed to bring together people who are active in the area of public attitudes toward stuttering.

Topics included:

This symposium was designed for faculty, students and others either engaged or interested in related research areas (such as attitudes toward disabilities, obesity, mental illness or public health initiatives). Qualified persons can receive Continuing Education Units from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association if they were in attendence.

WVU Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders Professor, Ken St. Louis, organized the symposium, with the assistance of incoming Ph.D. student, Mary Weidner. St. Louis is founder of the International Project on Attitudes Toward Human Attributes, an ongoing initiative that so far has carried out research on public attitudes from nearly 9,000 respondents representing more than 30 countries and 20 languages.


Featured Presentations

NOTE: To view available presentation documents, click on the linked titles.


International Epidemiology of Public Attitudes Toward Stuttering
Ken St. Louis

Stigma Associated with Stuttering
Gordon Blood and Michael Boyle

Teasing and Bullying of Stuttering Children
Marilyn Langevin

Changing Attitudes Toward Stuttering: What Children Liked About a Stuttering Education Resource
Marilyn Langevin

Job Discrimination Associated with Stuttering in Adults
Rod Gabel

Changing and Fostering Long Term Change in Attitudes Toward Stuttering
Fauzia Abdalla


Posters and Oral Presentations:


Attitudes of Teachers versus Non-Teachers Towards People Who Stutter
Hayley Arnold, Kathryn Goltl

Attitudes toward Stuttering: A Look at Selected "Helping" Professions
Ann Beste-Guldborg, Nichole Campanale

American Indian Perceptions of Stuttering
Ann M. Beste-Guldborg, Ken St. Louis, Nichole Companale

Emotional and Social Aspects of Stuttering in Women
Dinamichele Boyer, Kathleen Scaler Scott

Changing Peer Perceptions of Young Children who Stutter
Craig Coleman, Mary Weidner, Julie Baker, Emily Barney, Natasha Scott, Katrina Stewart, Leigh Stephens, Brianna Miluk, Cassie Donsbach, Kayla Childers, Elana Goldblum, Audrey Sydenstricker

Children’s and Parents Perspectives of Psychosocial Impact of Stuttering and Stuttering-Related Bullying
Susanne Cook, Peter Howell

Qualitative Analysis of Covert Stuttering: Workplace Implications and Saving Face
Jill Douglass, John Tetnowski

Public Attitudes Towards Stuttering in Khartoum, Sudan
Yomna Elsiddig, Charles Haynes, Julie Atwood, Ken St. Louis

An Interdisciplinary Training Program in Stuttering: Raising Awareness and Changing Attitudes
Stephanie Hughes, Rodney Gabel, Christopher Roseman, Derek Daniels

Arabic Perceptions of Stuttering Compared to Voice and Hearing Disorders
Stephanie Hughes, Farzan Irani, Fauzia Abdalla

Recognizing Positive Aspects of Stuttering: A Survey of the General Public
Stephanie Hughes, Edward Strugalla

A Study on Knowledge and Attitudes Among Primary School Teachers about Children with Dysfluency
Saminda Kuruppu, Chanta Jayawardena

Surveys as Instruments for Measuring Attitudes Toward Stuttering: Epidemiologic Cautions
Bobbie B. Lubker, John L. Lubker

Drawing on Allied Fields in Improving Attitudes of Graduate Students toward Stuttering
Isabella Reichel, Ken St. Louis, Susanne Cook

Public Attitudes Toward Mild versus Severe Stuttering in the USA and Kuwait
Ken St. Louis, Fauzia Abdalla, Megan Burgess, Chelsea Kuhn

Measuring Stuttering Attitudes in the Client's Environment: A New Clinical Tool
Ken St. Louis, Chelsea Kuhn, Lindsey Lytwak

Public Attitudes Toward Males versus Females who Stutter: USA and Iran
Ken St. Louis, Staci LeMasters, Ahmad Poormohammad

Impact of Support Groups on Children who Stutter
Mary Weidner, Craig Coleman

A Comparison of Attitudes Towards Stuttering Between Polish SLPs and SLP Students Using the POSHA-S
Katarzyna Wesierska, Marta Wesierska, Ken St. Louis