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Adding/Changing POSHA-S Items

A maximum of ten (10) additional items may be included with the POSHA-S at users´ requests, providing that the additional items do not violate the objective, unbiased, and neutral tone of the instrument. Such items will be included on a separate page after the printed POSHA-S. Generally, additions or slightly changed wording has had little effect on mean results for each item, or on the POSHA-S subscores. Nevertheless, placing new items at the end will assure that POSHA-S items can be compared with earlier studies since they are not likely to be affected by subsequent items. For items that will be added to a pre- versus post-test format, the items will be screened more carefully, since added items after the first POSHA-S could conceivably affect standard items on the second POSHA-S.

A list of items utilized with previous pilot studies using experimental versions of the POSHA-S are shown on the in a table along with summary data. If sufficient data are available, comparative results on those items will be made available in summary form in custom reports, if users wish to pay an additional reporting fee.